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Service and technical support are two key factors you can count on with Morgan and Hunt. These are vital for companies that expect a close hands-on relationship with their suppliers, who will provide day-to-day assistance when needed.


We are a locally owned and operated company with over 70 years of

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Air Tool Oil


Hydraulic Oils


Outboard Oils & 2-Cycle Oils


Circulating Oils


Compressor Oils


Concrete Form Oils


Cutting Oils, (Metalworking Fluids)


Food Grade Oils


Gear Oils


Locomotive Oils


Natural Gas Engine Oils


Racing & Synthetic Lubricants


Rock Drill Oils



All Grades of Greases



Bar and Chain Oil


Wire Rope Lubes


Transmission Oil


Turbine Oils


Non-Detergent Oils


Transmission/Drive Train Oils



Metalworking Fluids


Heat Transfer Fluids


Power Steering Fluid


Brake Fluid


Transmission Fluid


Hydraulic Fluids & Tractor Fluids


Starting Fluid


Penetrating Sprays

Anti-Seize Sprays


Carburetor Cleaner


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